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Equipment: Tubular Bundle Dryer
Equipment Type: Drying Equipment -> Others
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2018-01-03
Main Features: ◎low heat consumption ◎suitable for great variety of materials (mainly loose materials) ◎large capacity and high moisture evaporation capabilities making it suitable to process high moisture content materials ◎high adaptability (capable of adjusting drying time based on material properties and processed material moisture requirement) ◎high degree of automation making it suitable for both continuous processing and batch operation as may required by special applications ◎effectively insulated chamber in which drying takes place in negative pressure condition – resulting in clean work area and minimized noise ◎compact design with minimum auxiliary equipment and reduced consumable parts ◎easy installation and low maintenance cost
Description: Tubular Bundle Dryer,designed as flexible and multi-purpose drying equipment, is suitable for both counter current drying applications and co-current heating application.
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